Managing Team

Mr. Mohamed Ali Abo Zaid                             Mr. Hisham Aly                                                                                                                                     
     Managing Director & Partner                                         Managing Director & Partner

Have a wealth of experience in the field                 Began to acquire the skills and experience
of international shipping, especially in the             since 2004, where he worked in the Fields
meaning of all shipping and maritime                    of international shipping and freight of all kinds 
transport due to the practical experience              and take up where to become a leader & decision
and applied since 1979.                                      makers in this field which serve the work

                                                                     Mr. Alaa Derbala

                                                                       Import Director & Partner
                                             Chosed the field of international transport of all types and
                                             methods Means, in order to step in it since 2006 and developed
                                             by himself skills, experience and capabilities of scientific
                                             and practical to make a successful work is progressing
                                             very advanced and regular

Mr. Eslam Abbas                                                               Mr. Fouad Yahia

               Export Director & Partner                                               Operation Director & Partner

Chose this area in which to work since 2004,                        Work in this area since 1999, making him

where he gained experience and many skills                         develops himself in all areas of shipping and

and developed in the field of shipping and                              international transport with the acquisition

international transport generally. he also an                          of all the skills and experience of internal

economic analyst and consultant in all                                  and external resources necessary to work

regards to shipping of all kinds                                             in this field